12th Bangor Squirrel Drey

12th Bangor Squirrels commenced in 1992 and is an independent feeder organisation into the Scouting movement.

Your child can join Squirrels as soon as they reach their fourth birthday and normally stay until they are old enough to join Beaver Scouts at six. There is a maximum of 24 children in a Squirrel Drey. On 1st January 2009, after many years’ negotiations, Squirrels became members of the Northern Ireland Scout Association.

At the beginning of a meeting (6:30) when you arrive, your child should be brought into the down stairs Main Hall and a Leader informed that they are there.

All of the children should be collected in the porch at 7:30 sharp. If you cannot collect your child yourself please let us know who will be collecting him.

For meetings the Squirrels wear a navy sweatshirt, navy bottoms and a 12th Bangor green & white scarf obtainable from the Scout Shop or Roberts of Market Square, Bangor.

Meetings are fun and Squirrels learn lots of new and interesting things. They often make things to bring home and sometimes parents or special visitors are invited to attend. If any parent has a special skill etc, which would be of interest to the children, please let us know.

The Squirrel Association has its own Promise, Prayer and sign. These should be taught to your child as soon as possible after starting.

I promise to be a good Squirrel and to love God

We place our hands together, and close our eyes up tight.
And ask you, Dear Lord God, To Help us do things Right. Amen.


The Squirrel sign is a raised and bent index finger of the right hand. The sign is made while saying the promise.

When Squirrels can say and understand their promise and prayer, they receive the Squirrel Membership badge. Joining in awards are given after approximately 6 months and 12 months as a Squirrel. In 2015 we also hope to introduce earnable badges known as ‘Squirrel Smile Awards’.

The 12th Bangor Drey also operates a Squirrel of the Month award, which is given to the 2 best Squirrels of the preceding month. Attendance, uniform and general good behaviour are the main governing factors. The awards are given out on the last Friday of the month and should be returned on the following third Friday. If your child receives an award please ensure it is returned on time to avoid disappointing others.

To cover costs, such as weekly running costs, craft, insurance and so on, we ask for an annual contribution of £30. The relevant information and form will be e-mailed to you when this is due and prompt payment would be very much appreciated.

Throughout the Squirrel year there may be a number of excursions, the Squirrel Association has stated that written permission must be obtained for each child prior to any type of excursion. A permission slip will be given out along with all necessary details prior to any such event. If written permission is not obtained beforehand, then your child will be unable to attend. Verbal permission or written permission on the day cannot be accepted.

At 12th Bangor we like to keep the parents informed about the goings on within the Drey and Association. We have now started to do this via e-mail. I can assure you that your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone else and that when sending an e-mail to more than one parent, all recipients will be Blind Carbon Copied. I would ask all parents to ensure that they read all notes; it is our only way of communication.

Parking around the Scout Hall can from time to time be quite a contentious issue. Please ensure that residents are given sufficient space to enter and egress from their properties. Health & Safety of the children should also be a consideration when choosing where to park.

We do need to know about any health concerns, allergies, home concerns, etc. your child may have, so that we can look after them safely. You can give this information in confidence to the Leader in charge.

At 12th Bangor we have always had a waiting list to join Squirrels, if you wish your child to be added to this list, please complete the attached registration form and e-mail it to tscroggie@btinternet.com. We will inform you once a place becomes available.

Trevor Scroggie
Group Squirrel Leader