Seymour the Seagull

seymourSeymour joined 12th Bangor Scout Group in 2014. He is the official Group Mascot. He lives in a great big nest near to the rocks on the beach, very close to Bangor. It is so well hidden no-one has ever seen it or stumbled across it when out for a walk. Seymour is a very clever seagull and he loves getting involved in lots of different activities, voyages and adventures when he goes to all the different sections in 12th Bangor Scout Group. Just like all the boys and girls who go there, he also learns lots of different skills. He goes along to 12th Bangor Scout Group every week to see what is new in all the sections.

When he turns up at the Squirrels the boys and girls there enjoy lots of fun and games and running about. Seymour especially loves it when they do craft work and go on outings on special occasions. He loves going on trips as he gets lots of lovely food when he is away with the boys and girls. He really loves the nights when they watch a DVD in the Scout Hall and eat popcorn too!

At the Beavers Seymour learns to play with the boys and girls there too. He obeys all the rules and also learns to be kind to everyone there, including the leaders. He learns how important it is to be on time and also be neat and tidy in his uniform. His scarf is always tied correctly. When Seymour plays games he has great fun, throwing balls, running and having races, but he does slip on the wooden floor sometimes with his large webbed feet. Sometimes when he does craft work the sticky pieces stick to his beak and he needs help from the boys and girls to take it off – they all have a great laugh when this happens. Seymour enjoys going out for walks as he gets share of some of the food the boys and girls bring along with them, he really likes the sandwiches they bring, and some of the different types of crisps too!

When Seymour goes to the Cubs he has to wear ear protectors as they are so very very noisy when they play their games because there are so many of them, but he still enjoys the fun and laughs. He even flies up to the top of the hall to stay safe and out of reach, just in case he gets hit with a ball. He has a great view from up there and can see everyone down below. The Cubs do a huge range of badges and Seymour does them too – he has got so many now he is thinking about getting a camp fire blanket to keep them on for when he goes camping. His favourite badge is flying as he was the only one who could do it! He is the only one in the Group who has this badge! Even the leaders had to admit he was the best and they had seen no-one better at it. He likes doing craft work with the Cubs too as they make large cardboard cars which they race in.

On Friday nights Seymour goes to the Scouts. He enjoys going with them on their walks and adventures, especially the night walks when he gets some chips at the end of the walk – he loves them with his favourite tomato sauce! When the Scouts go for walks along the shore Seymour meets up with some of his old friends and has great fun – if it’s a warm day he sometimes goes for a swim in the sea! He has badges for swimming. Seymour has to be safe and always wears his arm floats, just in case a large wave knocks him over. He never goes swimming alone and never goes too far from the shore. He enjoys the annual sponsored walk from Holywood to Bangor when he can meet up with lots of his friends. Seymour enjoys the weekend camps with the Scouts as he helps with making the meals on the cookers and he even gets to try the food before the others – just to make sure it tastes OK! His favourite meal is fish and chips! He also loves making soda and wheaten bread in the oven and scones and pancakes for the morning break when the Scouts have gone on their activities and there is some peace and quiet for the leaders.

When Seymour is with the Explorers he sits and listens to them talk and talk and talk! He also drinks coffee with them and his favourite is an iced latte and he really

enjoys it along with a nice Danish pastry. He appreciates the company of the Explorers as they sometimes go on overnight hikes and help out at large camps where there are many hundreds of people. He is spoiled on the overnights as he is able to have a nice cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows just before bedtime. He also enjoys going to the Christmas market in Belfast and travelling by train.

Seymour’s has been to his first Jamboree, and you’ll never believe where it was – WINGS! It was at Windsor Great Park, Windsor, London. Seymour thought people were making fun of him when they told him the name of the Jamboree. He really enjoyed being there and met lots of new friends from all over the world. He met people from Germany, USA, Austria, Africa and further afield. He hopes to go to another Jamboree next year and maybe meet up with some of his new friends in Scouting. The leaders even got a mug with Seymour’s picture on it and also some umbrellas so he could find out which campsite was his.

Seymour got lots of ideas from being at camp and he will be bringing back lots of new things to do in each section so be on the lookout for these.

You may even see him when you come to the various nights as he also has to get his name on the roll so that he can come to all the activities at 12th Bangor Scout Group.

If you think Seymour would like some of your activities the ask your leader to get in touch with him and he’ll add it to the list of things to do during the Autumn and Winter nights.