Bangor East Explorer Unit

ExplorersExplorers are the fourth section of the scouts for young people aged 14-18.
Unlike Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who are part of Scout Groups, we are organised differently into Units that are part of District Scouts.
Bangor East Explorers Unit based at 12th Bangor and is currently the largest unit in North Down District.
We are a strong unit because the explorers plan the programme; because we are all great friends; and because we get up to all sorts of exciting adventurous activities and volunteering.

We meet weekly on a Thursday night 7.30 to 9pm and would do a number of weekend activities throughout the year.

Activities include:

• Camps - International Jamborees, group camps, district explorer camps
• Quizzes
• Orienteering and treasure Hunts
• Climbing
• Trips
• Cookery
• First Aid

Through the Explorer Scout Unit you work towards being a Queen's Scout. You can also, if you choose, get more closely involved in working with the younger Sections as a Young Leader.

For more information contact: mcevoy@talktalk.net

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