Cubs are boys and girls aged 8 to 10 1/2.  We have two cub packs - one pack meets on a Monday night and the other a Wednesday from 7pm to 8.30pm.  Cubs are based on Rudyard Kipling's - The Jungle Book - all leaders have names from the book.  Each cub pack is broken into six sixes of young people with each six having a sixer and seconder (sixers and seconders help the younger people in their six)
Cubs do a variety of activites including crafts, playing games and outdoor activities e.g. backwoods cooking (cooking on a campfire) amongst others.  They also participate in challenging activities e.g. archery and crate climbing.  We have a variety of outings, evenings and days away for example trips to the zoo, cinema, clip n climb and 10 pin bowling. We also have have visits for external agencies e.g. Halfords and the PSNI.  We participate in the many district cub events e.g.  Campfire, football competitions, St George's Day parade and fundays.
Cubs also learn about themselves and the world around them and earn badges in doing this. There are 8 challenge badges, 14 staged badges and 37 activity badges that may be earned during the young persons time at cubs.  The highest award a cub can earn is the chief scout silver award which many of our young people earn before they move to scouts.
Each year the cubs have a chance to attend two different camps. The camp in October is a residential (indoors) and the May/June camp is an outdoor camp, sleeping under canvas.  In addition, if your child is a sixer or seconder they have the opportunity for another weekend away normally around March.  Both packs come together for these weekends.

Joanne Orr (Baloo)